will provide high performance and best quality of aesthetic and medical products.

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Ewell Medical Co., Ltd.

Ewell Medical Co., Ltd. is one of the leading companies of PDO threads in Korea.
Our products compete in terms of product quality, reliability, and above all variety.
We would like to market our products in your market and we are currently looking for an attractive distribution partner.
We have been doing business as one of the leading companies in Korea for years, and our products are highly evaluated both in Korea and overseas.
We have more than 30 Exclusive partners all over the world, (Especially in Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Bulgaria, Latvia, Romania, Moldova, etc.)
We assure you that our products find a good sale in the overseas market, and we are definitely interested in working with you to develop new markets.
Our products are approved by a comparable standard such as CE, ISO, KFDA, and GMP.


Ewell Medical, will provide high performance and the best quality of aesthetic and medical products.

We pursue customer satisfaction through high performance and the best quality products.

Ewell Medical Co., Ltd. was established to supply aesthetic and medical products to partners around the world. We also share procedure know-how and medical information provided by doctors and experts to help understanding and training.

Ewell’s management philosophy is “to achieve customer-oriented mind” so we place the highest priority on customer trust. We aim to give back higher value than what our customers have paid.

Ewell will continue our efforts to provide the best quality and high performance.

Thank you

Ickjoo Shin. CEO  ewellmedical-ceo-sign


Ewell Medical Co., Ltd. is an expert group where energetic. well-rounded, efficient, logical, and ready-to-learn people are working together.

Ewell people are energetic.
We take the initiative in the medical industry as we are confident of our specialization. We also actively move to find a new business opportunity.

Ewell people are well-rounded.
We are versatile. adaptable. smart. and experienced. We are eager to be sophisticated in various aspects.

Ewell people are efficient.
Our excellent work efficiency saves time and cost and exerts a good influence on co-workers and partners.

Ewell people are logical.
We logically analyze the market and do effective marketing with good communication skills.

Ewell people are always ready to learn.
We do not afraid of change and neglect to learn. We always want to build up new technology in various fields.

We Ewell expert group will help your business as a key partner.

BIJOU Thread's Extraordinary Quality

We operating with Glove Box, the Moisture is a major factor of low quality.

We operating with Glove Box, the Moisture is a major factor of low quality.
The presence of the moisture affected the decomposition of the polydioxanone.
Most of the manufacturers package N2 gas or vacuum without the remove the moisture in the PDO thread,
however, BIJOU operating by Glove Box in order to remove the effects of moisture with results not breakable, longer duration.

BIJOU Brand Story

Dictionary defined Bijou as ``jewel`` or ``masterpiece`` in French, and ``small but valuable`` in English.
It represents Ewell Medical's will to supply valuable products like jewel to our partners.

To create high brand value, Ewell closely examine all process including raw material inspection, production, packaging, and even after shipping.

Not only the quality products, Bijou also provide exclusive educational services like procedure know-how
and medical information to our valuable customers.

Bijou would like to be recognized by its long-lasting value. Be a family of Bijou and
continuously be offered Bijou’s specialized service.


About Bl

Bijou brand logo is expressed in golden color. Logo font is simple yet sharp implying Bijou put its priority on fundamentals.
Gray leaf-shape inside the alphabet O means to provide natural-friendly yet artificial beauty.
The shape was also originated by shape of thread and needle which are Bijou’s representative series.