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BIJOU was introduced by Korea Times

BIJOU was introduced by Korea Times

“Thread Lifting: necessity to check whether it’s absorbable in face”


Dr. Yoon Gyeong Hoon from Yeonsei Lamichou Clinics

Dr. Yoon Gyeong Hoon from Yeonsei Lamichou Clinics


Thread lifting procedure is performed to remove wrinkles by pulling droopy skin. The thread lifting procedure is getting well-known for easy anti-aging method because it allows the patient to recover in short period of time with more natural result.

However, there is growing sense of anxiety due to recent illegal unauthorized thread lifting procedure. The latest issued thread is “unabsorbable barbed mesh type thread” which was supplied to clinics by standing its permanent and strong effects. However, unabsorbable barbed threads remain in body permanently and hard to remover after all.

To relieve anxiety, it is necessary to check if the thread is absorbable in body. In case of applying unabsorbable threads, patient should decide carefully and check whether the threads you are applying for is officially approved. it is hard to remove after certain period of time.

Lastly, it is important to check whether doctor has abundant procedure experience. The outcome of thread lifting varies depending on the procedure techniques. Therefore, it is significant to have the procedure performed by doctors who are fully experienced and well skilled.

An aesthetic specialist said “In recent years, many clinics are mainly using absorbable threads, and clinics must check if the materials are approved by KFDA (Korean Food and Drugs Administration)”

“When choosing a clinic, it is important to check carefully if the clinic uses approved threads even if these are somewhat expensive.” he added.

Meanwhile, Ewell Medical Co., Ltd. has been supplying approved BIJOU threads in more than 20 European and Middle-East Asian countries.

The full article can be read at http://www.dt.co.kr/contents.html?article_no=2016110902109923811020