will provide high performance and best quality of aesthetic and medical products.

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Ewell Medical Co., Ltd is one of the leading companies established to supply anti-aging and medical devices to partners around the world.

Our philosophy is to achieve a “customer-oriented mind”, so we place the highest priority on customers’ trust. By providing high-quality and safe products, we aim to give back a higher value to our customers than have paid.



BIJOU PDO Thread Series

Rejuvenate your jewerly-like value


AEVIJU Skin Booster

Elastic & Rejuvenating

Anesthetics Cream

Methyl Paraoxybenzoate



Disposable sterile medical device

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At Ewell Medical Co., Ltd. it is our top priority to bring only products of the highest quality to our customers.

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We assure you that our products are extremely safe since our products are approved by a comparable standard such as CE, ISO, KFDA, and GMP.

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We believe that putting our customers at the heart of the business it's central to our success. For it, Ewell Medical Co., Ltd. are supporting with marketing materials and exhibition to promote our brand.

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Ewell Medical Co., Ltd knows and understand the value and the meaning of the concept ``just in time``. For it, we do our best to try to offer a fast and secure delivery every time.

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Ewell Medical Co., Ltd people are professional and have always been committed to customer service, providing the highest level of service.

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Our customer’s satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We take pride in pleasing our customers by offering the highest service and quality of products.


The PDO thread passend very smooth and hold firm
Dr. Philip
We are very satisfied with the threads
Dr. H.
The quality of the threads and the design are very nice
Dr. Z.
The threads are good quality; the molding cog is good quality and they hold longer than cutting thread
Dr. Virginie L.
Your threads are easy to insert and comfortable to handle
Dr. Moises R.
The comfort and satisfaction of patients have been good
Dr. Moises R.
I see a great variety of sizes and types of threads, which I like
Dr. Moises R.
Really Fresh, Really like it
Mrs. Marina D.
I just started using your threads and it’s pleasing me
Dr. Jesus T.
I really liked your Tension Threads
Dr. Andrea B.


1999 Graduation of medical college of Korea university
2004 Board of plastic surgery
2005 Fellowship in Korea university medical hospital
2006 Doctoral degree in plastic surgery
2006 Chief of best plastic surgery clinic
2014 Chief of migo plastic surgery clinic
2020 Chief of Eyebeauty plastic surgery clinic

One of the patients’ greatest wishes is that it provides the most effective and natural result possible. BIJOU PDO Thread is a high-quality brand specially designed to provide a natural result with a long-lasting effect.

The company Ewell Medical Co., Ltd values the health of the patients, so they focus on the quality of the product, the BIJOU brand transmits safety, effectiveness, and easy handling of the product helping to minimize the risk of treatment.

M.D. Ph.D. Ko Han-Woong
Plastic Surgeon

2001 Graduation as a Natural Doctor.
2008 Founding of our training center with different medical courses.
2017 Starting to work with BIJOU Threads.
2019 Certification of the courses and the BIJOU threads from one of the biggest insurance companies in Germany.

Thread lifting with safe biodegradable BIJOU PDO threads is a simple and perfect method to tighten the skin, face, and body. BIJOU Threads are certified with the best quality, painless, flexible, and fine-cut needles.

BIJOU Threads are designed especially for a natural high lifting effect and it’s focused on the quality transmitting safety and effectiveness.

Dr. Zita Hesse
Health Professional & Aesthetic Specialist.

1990 Specialized in General medicine.
1999 Specialized in Aesthetic medicine.
2017 First trainer for BIJOU Thread in Belgium.

She has been a trainer for several aesthetics injection techniques in Belgium. She is today the first trainer for Bijou PDO threads in Belgium since 2017.

Prevention has been a priority for me. That’s why, in addition to the knowledge I gained from my studies, I’ve taken many training courses including Mesotherapy, Nutritional Therapy, Phytotherapy, Aesthetic Medicine to better meet everyone’s needs and BIJOU meets these requirements.

Dr. Anne Deckers
Specialist in General medicine & Aesthetic medicine


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